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A nice town to visit : SAUMUR 

       Saumur in Pays de la Loire is easily recognised by its fairytale chateau and is famous for its association with horses ( the area around the town is even known as the Kingdom of the Horse ). Home to France's cavalry training school and the famous Cadre Noir, an elite display team that showcase the traditions and brilliance of French horsemanship, there is always something equestrian going on in Saumur.Pageants and displays happen frequently in the town with many riding schools close by and you can explore the town at horse-drawn barouche carriage to take in the sights. The graceful Chateau de Saumur stands proudly on a bank overlooking the river Loire and houses several different museums.Though Saumur was bombed during World War 2, the chateau survived unscathed! Just outside of the town you'll discover the troglodyte caves carved out of a beautiful soft limestone called tuffeau stone witch has been used in many buildings and monuments in the town and the surrounding area.This magical serie of dwellings was hewn from the rock thousands years ago and they are now mainly used for mushrooms farming and as cellars for wine aging.  

      Saumur is also home to the musee des blindés, the largest tank museum in Europe with over 880 armoured vehicles.Inside the troglodyte caves you will also fond the Musée du Champignon ( museum of mushrooms) where you can see the cultivation of several types of mushroom. Whilst in the area you can't miss a trip to one of the many local vineyards such as the Caves de Grenelle who age their wines in the ancient cave systems.Why not sample some of these award-wining of the Loire Valley , especially white wines, with the Saumur specialities of fouées,a small toasted bread for filling, and galipettes,the famous champignon de Paris mushrooms stuffed with goat's cheese, butter and aromatic herbs.

With such brilliant growing conditions in the Loire Valley, the fresh produces avaible every saturday morning at the market ( near theater and St Pierre church )are very nice tasting...

Saumur is also full of clothing boutiques and other food stores with patisseries and chocolateriesClin d'œil





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